Excise (Sales & Use) Tax Division

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The Excise Division is comprised of two functional sections:

Vendor Operations

Vendor Operations is further subdivided into region specific units which handle the needs of vendors in their area.

      • Taxpayer Specialists assigned to vendor operations work with vendors throughout the life of their business from licensing to cancellation.

      • Insure that all new vendors are offered a face to face visit from our field representatives to discuss their new business and how they might be affected by our taxes.

Education and Taxability

Taxability Specialists in this section answer the myriad of questions which vendors and taxpayers have regarding how the various taxes and exemptions affect their businesses by:

      • Draft formal revenue rulings upon vendor and taxpayer request.

      • Conduct educational seminars throughout the year.

      • Provide bulletins, publications and other educational material to address commonly asked questions

Did You Know …

State wide sales tax is 4%. In addition, Local and optional taxes can be assessed if approved by a vote of the citizens. See the publications section for more information.

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