About Us

Our Mission

The Agency’s mission is the administration and collection of mineral and excise taxes as well as the valuation of property and the wholesale distribution of alcohol beverages and enforcement of liquor control laws for the ultimate benefit of all Wyoming citizens. The Agency envisions a customer oriented, streamlined agency that minimizes regulatory burdens and maximizes compliance with applicable laws.

The Director is involved daily in managing the agency, solving problems, handling queries from taxpayers, and keeping informed on all problem areas for each division. The Human Resources Section provides services that support the Department of Revenue in promoting the concept that our employees are our most valuable resource and will be treated as such. Our mission is to establish the optimal work environment for obtaining sustained high productivity, continuous improvement, organizational renewal, and exceptional customer service.

The mission of the Administrative Services Division is to maintain timely deposits on all tax payments received, to provide efficient and accurate distribution of all sales and mineral tax funds and to administer intra-departmental support services. We believe in efficient, accurate and timely reporting of taxes to each of our vendor’s files and in turn to each county and municipality. We operate our Division as a customer service center, equally concerned with serving Department personnel and ensuring a daily tax deposit of the funds received that day. We strive to maintain adequate inventory, prepare proficient budget reports and ensure accurate internal accounting audits.

The Excise Tax Division mission is to fairly and efficiently collect all sales, use, lodging, cigarette and estate tax owed the State of Wyoming and its political subdivisions. The Division believes all vendors and Division employees should be treated with respect and fairness. The Division also believes that an on-going taxpayer education program coupled with firm and consistent collection procedures will minimize the number of delinquent accounts and maximize tax dollars for state and local government.

The Liquor Division is charged with the dual mission of being the exclusive wholesaler of alcoholic beverages in the state and monitoring alcohol control laws. The division is also the exclusive authority to license malt beverage wholesalers and industry representatives. In addition, the division is charged with the duty of certifying to the local licensing authorities that applicants for liquor licenses meet statutory requirements.

The mission of the Mineral Tax Division is to collect mineral severance taxes in a fair and efficient manner, and to provide county governments with an accurate certificate of the mineral production value in their respective counties for the assessment of ad valorem taxes. We believe in working closely with mineral taxpayers to arrive at the correct assessment and valuation of minerals so that state and local governments can receive their fair share of mineral revenues. We believe in honest and open communications between all stakeholders.

The mission of the Property Tax Division is to support, train, and guide local governmental agencies in the uniform assessment, valuation and taxation of locally assessed property; assess, value and allocate public utility property; as well as to administer, collect and distribute designated taxes in accordance with Wyoming Statutes and Rules for the benefit of Wyoming taxpayers and citizens.