Liquor365 Project Update 


We heard you - our vendors, retailers, legislature, and customers at all levels - We made a change for the better! Our new system, Liquor365, is now live! Thank you all for your collaboration and feedback to get us to this point today. There have been several improvements made and we wanted to talk about them to aid in the transition to the new system. As we continue to refine our processes, there may be more improvements to come!


Packing Slips & Invoices

As you may have noticed with your first shipment, you will now receive packing slips with your deliveries. This is to help keep your financial data secure so if the paperwork with your shipment ever lands in hands other than yours, they will not know how much money you spent or how much your order is worth. You will receive your invoices via the primary account’s email address that you established for your business prior to the shipment arriving at your location. For Burke deliveries it will be the morning of your delivery day, for North Park deliveries you should have it in your email prior to delivery. Please contact Compliance staff to set your primary email at if you have not done so.

$2 Special Handling per Case

The special fee has never gone away. We were not able to apply it in our previous system. Now that our new system is able to apply charges accordingly, you will see the Special Handling fee applied for each case of your special order to cover the costs that WLD has involved with all special orders.

Additional Freight Charges

The costs that are charged to WLD based on the average weight of less than 4 case minimum will be passed on to the retailer.

Email Addresses

We know how important having multiple account contacts is for our retailers to enable seamless business processes and ordering. The new system will allow the Primary Contact of a business establishment to maintain their own users. To enable this, anyone logging into the system will need their own unique email address. Please contact the Compliance staff at                   if you have any questions, need to update your or your contacts' email addresses.                     Email addresses will also be used for logging into the system and for receiving invoices - it is important they are accurate!

Important Dates 

The WLD will be closed for business to complete a physical inventory of the warehouse. The remainder of the weekend will be spent converting to the new system.

WLD will resume business as usual including special order requests, we will be on the new system: Liquor 365 and Liquor 365 On-Line.

Please submit all of your special orders to the WLD by July 14. Any specials received by Friday, July 14 will be entered and sent to the vendors to be filled. The WLD will continue receiving and shipping special orders to retailers as usual, with no interruption. The only difference is, no new orders will be accepted after July 14, with the exception of the allocated monthly special order whiskeys (i.e., Blanton’s, Weller, etc.). We will resume accepting new special orders September 5, 2023 when the WLD goes live with Liquor365.

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